Size Chart

How to Measure - Rings - Necklaces - Bracelets - Earrings
8 Other Reasons does not use anylead OR nickelin our pieces. Our jewelry is all plated in 18k Gold with an anti tarnish finish. 
How to measure fingers - Measure over the circumference of the finger at the base. Take note of the measurements in millimeters and use our measurement guide to find your ring size. 
Noah Ring Size Guide
The Noah Ring measurements are measured in circumference by millimeters. The Diameter of the ring is measured in centimeters.

Ring Set Size Guide
*Current Ring Sets available at
Sway Ring Set
Carry On Ring Set
Hit the Jackpot Ring Set
Our ring sets are measured in circumference by millimeters. The Diameter of the ring is measured in centimeters.
How to measure your neck - Using a measuring tape, wrap the tape around the base of your neck and place your finger where the two pieces meet. Note your measurements. You can add 2 - 4 inches to your measurement to calculate your recommended necklace length for the style you are looking for.  
All 8 Other Reasons necklaces come with a 2 inch extender, and are finished with a lobster clasp. With the exception of some chokers. 
Sizing Guide for 8 Other Reasons neck jewelry

Some lariats vary in length and may be a bit shorter. These are the following styles:
*These range between 17.0 to 19.0 inches in length.

Using a measuring tape, measure just above your wrist bone by wrapping your tape around the circumference. You should add between ¼ inch to 1 whole inch depending on how tight you prefer your bracelet to be.
Sizing Guide for 8 Other Reasons Bracelet Sets

Earringlength is measured from top to bottom, including the clasp the jewels may be hanging off of. The width is then measured at the widest point of our earrings.
Sizing Guide for 8 Other Reasons Earrings
8 Other Reasons hoops vary in drop length ranging from 3cm to 10cm. Drop length depends on the diameter of the hoop. Our hoops start at .75in in diameter and range to 3.5 inches.

To measure yourself for an 8 Other Reasons belt, you can do the following: Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist pinching it at the point where the loose end wraps around you and meets back at the end. Calculate in inches.

All 8 Other Reasons belts come with extenders ranging from 14 to 17 inches in length. Most belts range from approx 42 inches to 50 inches. 8 Other Reasons tailors our belts to be able to fit a range of waist sizes from XS to L.