The 8OR girl is unapologetically sexy – what we like to call a baller bohemian. She is beautifully intense and always perfectly undone, she's the stone cold fox in boots and the life of every party.
Diversity in design, quality, and affordability are all of equal importance.
Since launching in 2010, 8 Other Reasons have developed a dedicated following, wowing both local and international fashion stylists and bloggers alike. 
When we dare to dream, we brave the courage to express and tell the world who we are - everybody has their reasons. 
We empower the lovers, the dreamers and the storytellers with their very own accessorised reasons, that help express the daring dazzle when you’re here to tell the world you’re made of woman. 
We celebrate and embrace the essence of every inner woman - whether she’s beautifully brave-hearted, delightfully delicate, or sophisticatedly simple - we unleash every reason behind her expression. 
There's always that one person who makes a real difference to life’s party, the one who breathes life into every canvas they create. 
Meet Charles, the Hustler at heart who is behind the creation of 80R. The brand was born out of a vision of Charles. He had to create magic in the mundane, beauty in bravery, and the essence of expression in his art. This Dreamer always saw every sky as blue - especially the one in Malibu, with a journey that propelled from his homeland Down Under. Australia (and its Vegemite and Tim Tams) was home to Charles as he designed his very first piece of jewellery and started a hand made production from the kitchen table of his family home.